‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’: Zillions Of Reasons You’ll Crack Up

I can’t wait to see this!!!

Hollywood Life

Seth MacFarlane’s spoof comedy, ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ is a must-see. It’s hilariously inappropriate, over-the-top and filled with tons of ‘what was he thinking?’ moments — and that’s what makes it so ridiculously funny.

Leave it up to Seth MacFarlane to create a crude movie centered around The Frontier. Just when you thought old Westerns couldn’t go beyond gun fights and tumbleweeds, Seth teams up with Charlize TheronNeil Patrick HarrisLiam NeesonAmanda Seyfried and Sarah Silverman for A Million Ways To Die In The West. Read on for the top reasons you should run to the theaters to get your laugh on. Plus, click to WATCH the trailer!

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